- Past Events - May 2004 Black Madona Pilgramage


Black Madana Pilgrimage in Central and Southern France
May 14 - 26, 2003

Join in this beautiful and memorable journey as we participate in the reawakening of consciousness of the Feminine Face of God and Holy Union experienced through the re-emergence of the Primordial Black Madonna. This pilgrimage begins in the heart of France, known as the Massif Central, the keystone of France, holding the country together by the sheer force of its grandeur. This remarkable, remote and dynamic region of Auvergne embraces crater lakes, hot springs and lush volcanic heights and some of France's most beautiful Romanesque churches and cathedrals.

Here, we release life energies through prayer, meditation, discussion, chanting, sacred dance and ritual. We use the myths and legends of pre-Christian and early Christian mysticism, and the rituals and ceremonies of the great Mystery Schools to reveal the beauty of Her "hidden" meaning through direct experience. This is a planetary transformational experience to be realized through each participant.

This magical journey includes visits to some of the miraculous Mother of God shrines and will end in sharing the loving, devotional celebration in honor of Saints Sara-Kali, patron saint of the gypsy people as they gather from all over Europe to make their annual pilgrimage to Les Saintes Maries de la Mer. This procession leads the pilgrim through the streets of this small Mediterranean village guided by Sainte Sara-Kali, into the sea.