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Mary Magdalene Gnostic Mysteries Mary Magdalene Gnostic Mysteries
Elizabeth Kelley, a teacher, scholar, dancer, event producer and lover of the Divine Feminine. She was formally educated in Comparative Religions at Temple University, California Institute of Integral Studies and UC Berkeley. She has committed over 30 years to in-depth study and practice in both Eastern and Western Mystery School Traditions.

A mystical encounter with Mary Magdalene in 1989 profoundly changed her life and brought her onto the path of research, travel and discovery of Mary of Magdala, the traditions of the "Black Madonna", the quest for the Holy Grail, Gnosticism and Mystical Christianity. To understand the importance and the evolution of Magdalene's legacy she traveleled extensively throughout France, England, Wales, Ireland, Egypt and Isreal.

Through the course of her journeys, she made several pilgramages to Black Madona sites and has been a member of China Galland's Black Madonna Circle since its inception in 1991.

In 1996 she was ordained a priestess in the Holy Order of Mary Magdalene by Bishop Rosamonde Miller and empowered to celebrate the Gnostic Eucharist - a beautiful and deeply moving ceremony enacting the Sacred Marriage of Christ and Sophia. As a Priestess of Magdalele she has taught and presented her work at conferences, colleges and seminars.

Elizabeth has also been a member of Ballet Afsaneh, a Persian and Central Asian Dance company, since 1990. As a solo artist and with Ballet Afsaneh she performs dances from the many regions along the Silk Road. (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Iran)

Beginning in 1980, Elizabeth created her own production company, "Sounds and Visions" and also "Star Dancing" that brought to her community over 100 music, dance and cultural events.

Elizabeth is currently writing a historical novel set in Alexandria, Egypt during the reign of Queen Cleopatra VII, titled "Parchments of Fire". It is book one of a three part trilogy conceived to illuminate a larger historical context that sets the stage for the Magdalene legecy to emerge.

She is also writing a non-fiction, personal account of the travels and research that lead to her understanding and passion for Mary Magdalene and the current re-emergance of the Divine Feminine.