- Past Events - May 2004 Black Madona Pilgramage


Black Madana Pilgrimage in Central and Southern France
May 14 - 26, 2003

Auvergne, will find the largest concentration of shrines to the Black Madonna to be appreciated anywhere in the world. We shall visit the shrine of Notre Dame du Port and the treasured Notre Dame du Marsat, before going on to mystical Orcival and its miraculous healing Notre Dame for the ritual of Initiation of the Black Madonna.
  • Immerse yourself in the exploration of and reconnecting to the powerful and loving archetype of Black Madonna
    • 5-14 through 5-16 CLERMONT-FERRAND - visit Notre Dame du Port, La Vierge Noire at Marsat and Riom
  • Initiation ritual, meditation and ceremony
    • 5-16 through 5-18 ORCIVAL - explore the mystical Romanesque church her famous XII c. Black Madonna; visit to Besse

The Cevennes National Park is an area of outstanding natural beauty, fresh air, wide open space, flowing rivers an abundance of wildlife and rich history We will retreat at the Sanctuary of the Holy Shekinah for rejuvenatio and integration of the experiences shared as well as accelerate the release of Mother Earth healing energie through mantra, movement, meditation, dance and ritual. We will also explore the beautiful mountains of this region (one of France's best kept secrets). A gourmet chef is available to us during our stay here.

  • Profoundly reconnect with the Holy Earth Mother in tribute to Her through Black Madonna.
    • 5-19 through 5-22 Ganges - retreat at the Sanctuary of the Holy Shekinah; walling the Labyrinth dance ceremony

Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mer, the 'Saint Marys of the Sea', is a small fishing village located on the south-central coast of Mediterranean France in the Carmargue region. Archaeological excavations and local legends indicate that th site has been venerated as a holy place by a succession of cultures. Once a sacred site of the Celtic threefold water goddess, the holy spring was known as Oppidum Priscum Ra. Superceded by a Roman temple dedicated to Mithras in the 4th century BC, the site was later taken over by the Christians.

We will enjoy the music, dance an faith of the gypsy people as they unite from all over Europe to make their annual pilgrimage here in veneration of their patron saint, Sara-la-Kali and the two Saint Marys who, as legend tells us, disembarked here after crossing the sea from Egypt.

  • Prayer, ceremony, music,dance and procession.
    • 5-22 through 5-25 Les Saintes Maries de la Mer - celebration of Saintes Sara and procession to the sea.

• 5-26 Montpellier

Your Guides and Facilitators:

  • Oshun Griffon du Bellay is a ceremonial leader, healer, teacher and life-long passionate devotee of the mystic path. Her interests and studies include esoteric Christianity, Gnostic thought, metaphysics, African and Kemetic spiritual science. She is a long time practitioner of Tibetan Buddhism and is well versed in Native America traditional teachings.Oshun is a trained TranceDance facilitator, cerified Pranic Healer and practitioner since 1993, and a trained facilitator with Veriditas, the worldwid Labyrinth project, a performer and teacher of African, Brazilian and Temple Dance. Oshun has resided in southern France since 1997 and regularly makes her own pilgrimages to the Divine Mother. Her love and dedication to the Beauty Path of Black Madonna, coupled with her own mystical experiences, bring a magical and infectious blend of inspiration shamanism and adventure sure to facilitate a profound experience for the participants.
  • Stephane Vaurs has been an initiate and practitioner of sacred geobiology since the age of 7. He is the current holder of the tradtion inherited through his family for generations. He has degrees in architecture, Jungian psychology and has also studied in great detail the religious traditions of France, his mother country, with particular emphasis on megalithic phenomenon and Romanesque churches. In addition, Stephane is a lineage holder of Spagyric and Kabalistic alchemical traditions, known to have been used by Freemasons during the construction of Romanesque churches and cathedrals. Stephane's profound knowledge and experience brin a highly refined understanding to the participants as he leads each one to discover their own sensitivity in the sacred sites visited in Auvergne.
  • Elizabeth Kelley, a teacher, scholar and lover of the Divine Feminine, was formally educated in Comparativ Religions at Temple University, California Institute of Integral Studies and UC Berkeley. She has committed over 30 years to in-depth study and practice in both Eastern and Western Mystery School Traditions. A mystical encounter with Mary Magdalene in 1989 profoundly changed her life and brought her onto the path of the Black Madonna. She has been a member of China Galland's Black Madonna Circle since its inception in 1991. She is an ordained priestess in the Holy Order of Mary Magdalene by Tau Rosamonde Miller and empowered to celebrate Gnostic Eucharist. Elizabeth is currently writing a historical novel set in Alexandria, Egypt during the reign of Queen Cleopatra VII. On our journey, she will offer a beautiful and powerful ceremony enacting the Sacred Marriage of the Christos and Sophia.