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Descent of the Holy Sophia

Sunday, September 7, 2008 (3:00 pm – 7:00 pm)

On this auspicious day we recognize and celebrate the Descent of the Holy Sophia the Feminine Spark of Divinity that dwells within all of Creation. She is known as Holy Wisdom, the mother of our soul and the indwelling presence of Divinity. This date also corresponds to the Feast Day of the Birth of Mother Mary, the feminine image of love, redemption and healing.

In our personal journey of descent, from the oneness of Spirit into the material realm of duality we can easily forget our divine origins. On this day we take time to rekindle our inborn wisdom, nourishing a pure space of peace and well-being in each moment.

In a private estate in Tiburon, we will examine the myth of the Holy Sophia. This exploration will include movement, voice, dance and improvisation using the feminine voice of the Gnostic scripture,

Elizabeth Kelley, a priestess in the Holy Order of Mary Magdalene, will present this event & will be assisted by recording artist Sophia & Songstress Sabenah.

Please bring food and drink to share, and your dancing cloths.
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Call: (415) 924-5488 .